School Building Construction Programme

At READ Foundation, our commitment to providing education extends to purpose-built schools, recognizing their significant impact on the learning experience of underprivileged students. With the unwavering support of our generous donors, we have successfully completed the construction of 170 educational buildings. These institutions not only symbolize our dedication but also foster an ideal environment for thousands of students to access quality education.

Donate Land for School

Embark on a journey of profound impact as you join hands with the READ Foundation in our unwavering commitment to extending quality education to underprivileged communities.

By contributing your valuable land, you become an integral part of a visionary initiative aimed at constructing purpose-built schools. These institutions are not merely structures; they represent havens of learning, equipped to nurture the minds of countless children. Your donation serves as the cornerstone for the creation of an educational environment that transcends barriers, offering a pathway for children to escape the cycle of poverty and embrace a brighter future.

Your land becomes the canvas for a transformative learning environment, offering hope and opportunities for a brighter future. Empower your community by contributing to the creation of a hub for education, fostering growth, and prosperity.
To donate land, simply reach out to us through our contact information. Our team will guide you through the process and provide the necessary information.
We work collaboratively with donors to ensure the land is efficiently utilized for the construction of secure and well-equipped learning spaces.
Yes, donors are acknowledged for their invaluable contribution. We appreciate your generosity, and recognition options, including fixing a plaque in school, are available.
Donating land directly facilitates the establishment of purpose-built schools, providing accessible and quality education to children in areas with limited educational opportunities.
Yes, donors may have the opportunity to specify the location or region where they wish to donate land. Contact our team for more details on customization options.
The minimum land requirement for a primary school is 3 kanal, preferably 5 kanal. This ensures adequate space for classrooms, facilities, and outdoor areas. The minimum land requirement for a high school is 5 kanal, preferably 7 kanal. This larger space is essential to accommodate additional facilities and meet the requirements of a high school setting.
Yes, the READ Foundation follows a comprehensive feasibility survey to determine the optimal location for school construction. Factors such as accessibility and community needs are carefully considered.
Yes, there is a specific process for donating land as Waqf. Contact our team, express your intention to donate land as Waqf, and we will guide you through the necessary steps in accordance with Islamic principles.
Donating land as Waqf holds significant religious value in Islam. It is considered a form of perpetual charity (Sadaqah Jariyah) that benefits the community and earns continuous rewards for the donor.
Our team will guide you through the legal and administrative steps involved in donating land as Waqf. This process ensures that the donation adheres to both Islamic principles and legal requirements.
Yes, donors who generously donate land receive heartfelt recognition. This recognition may include the opportunity to write the name on a prominent place on building or in the premises.
Yes, you can donate land as a tribute to a loved one. This heartfelt gesture allows you to create a lasting legacy in their honor. Donating land as sadqa for a deceased person is a noble and charitable act. It serves as a continuous form of charity that benefits communities in need.
Yes, donors typically receive a certificate or acknowledgment for their land donation, recognizing the charitable act and expressing gratitude for the positive impact it brings to the community.
To get started with donating land, please reach out to our team through the provided contact information on our website. Our team will guide you through the donation process and provide relevant details.

Build a School

At the READ Foundation, we’re on a mission to create a safe and inspiring haven for quality education. Thanks to the incredible support from our generous donors, we’ve successfully erected 170 educational institutions that stand as beacons of hope. Our ongoing initiative to construct schools is not just about buildings; it’s about creating an atmosphere where dreams can flourish.
READ Foundation acquires land on a charitable basis from local communities. The organization values community collaboration and often receives donations of land to create a positive impact on education.
Donors play a crucial role in supporting the construction of well-furnished, suitable, and secure buildings. READ Foundation actively reaches out to donors for financial assistance, ensuring the success of these essential projects.
Absolutely! Many donors choose to name school buildings after their loved ones, providing a meaningful way to honor and remember them. This practice ensures a lasting legacy and invites prayers for the individuals being commemorated.
READ Foundation’s expert engineers design complete state-of-the-art maps for construction projects. This ensures that the buildings are not only secure but also equipped with the latest facilities to enhance the learning environment.
Throughout the construction phase, READ Foundation maintains transparent communication with donors. Monthly progress reports and pictures are shared, keeping donors informed about the developments and showcasing the impact of their support.
Yes, the Foundation is committed to the timely completion of school construction. Agreed-upon timeframes with donors are strictly adhered to, ensuring that the educational institutions are ready to serve their purpose within the specified timelines.

Build a Classroom

Build a Classroom a heartfelt opportunity for those who may not be able to fund an entire building but still want to play a crucial role in transforming lives through education. Building a classroom is an accessible way to contribute. Every donation, no matter the size, contributes to the collective effort of creating educational spaces that change lives. You have the chance to witness the direct results of your generosity. The classroom you help build becomes a tangible symbol of your commitment to education.
By sponsoring a classroom, donors directly contribute to the creation of a conducive learning environment. This initiative ensures that students have access to well-equipped and secure classrooms, fostering a positive educational experience.
Yes, donors have the flexibility to choose the number of classrooms they wish to sponsor. Whether it’s one classroom or multiple, every contribution plays a vital role in expanding educational opportunities.
Donors will receive regular updates on the progress of the classrooms they sponsor. These updates may include construction milestones, photographs, and other relevant information, allowing donors to witness the direct impact of their contribution.
We appreciate the desire of donors to personalize their contribution. You can dedicate the rooms to someone you love and the Foundation shall place a plaque on your donated classrooms.
To begin your journey contact us through the provided information on our website. Our team will guide you through the process, answer any questions you may have, and help you choose the level of support that aligns with your commitment to education.

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