School Opening Programme

Since its inception in 1994, the READ Foundation has been on a mission to bring the beacon of quality education to the neglected corners of society, right at the doorsteps of those who need it most. Our School Opening Programme has been instrumental in initiating schools in remote areas of Pakistan, ensuring that every child, regardless of their geographical location, has the opportunity to receive the education they rightfully deserve.

Open a School

READ Foundation is committed to ensuring that every child receives quality education, reflected in the establishment of 400 educational institutions. Prior to the opening of each school, a comprehensive feasibility survey is conducted in remote and rural areas to identify the most suitable location. Once the school is operational, annual reports are provided, offering donors insights into the academic operations of the school, complete with pictures and details.
The School Opening Programme is a comprehensive initiative aimed at establishing schools in remote areas of Pakistan, providing quality education to underserved communities.
A feasibility survey is conducted to identify the most suitable location, considering factors such as accessibility and community needs.
Primary schools are initiated in phases with donor assistance and are later upgraded based on evolving requirements and increased capacities.
Initial enrollment targets around 20-25 students per class. The school begins with a “one teacher-one class” strategy, adapting its structure as needed.
Schools operate on a self-sustainability basis, offering discounts to underprivileged students and providing free education, along with necessary educational materials, for orphan students.
Initially, a building is rented for school operations. In the second phase, the organization constructs its own building after receiving land donations from the local community.
The total amount covers expenses such as furniture for at least 50 students, staff salaries for 24 months, building rent for 24 months, utility bills for 24 months, and teaching aids.
Yes, donors may have the opportunity to specify the area or region where they wish to support the opening of a school. Contact our team for more details on customization options
You can contribute to the School Opening Programme by making donations and participating in charity initiatives organized by the READ Foundation. Contact our team for more information on how to contribute.

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